Sunday, 30 August 2015

August Sensory Make and Take

The August Sensory Make and Take was a four week pre-registered program that provided parents insight on how easy making child activities can be with things you most likely have around home. No need buy expensive toys!

Week One - Jello Hunt 

Follow directions on back of Jello box. Use little bowls/containers, put a candy or toy at the bottom and fill with Jello until covered.  I used gummy worms.   Put in the fridge and let it set. Then have fun finding the hidden treasures. 

Week Two - Flubber 

In a big bowl:
2 cups - Elmers glue
2 cups - water
Couple drops of food colouring or water colour

In a smaller bowl:
1/2 cup - Borax
2 cups - boiling water
Stir slowly, letting all the Borax dissolve. This is a good way to practice patience.

Once Borax is dissolved pour into the big bowl.
Slowly stir and the mixture will start to clump together.
You may need to use your hands to finish mixing the water with the glue. Be careful as the water can still be hot.
Once most of the water is mixed with the glue it is done.

Week Three - Sidewalk Chalk Paint 

1/2 cup - cornstarch
1/2 cup - water
1 Tbsp - tempera paint

Optional - a squirt of dish soap for a greater washability

Stir well and have fun creating! 

Week Four - Edible Finger Paint

There are several ways to make non-toxic edible finger paint. We chose to use shaving cream and water colour. 

Squirt the desired amount of shaving cream into a bowl.  We used glass jars with lids so it was easier to take home.  However, I would not recommend this as it was much harder to mix. Squirt a couple drops of food colouring/water colour on the shaving cream.  We used water colour as it doesn't stain. 
Mix well. 

This paint can be used on paper. Also is great in the bathtub making clean up easy! 

Sad you missed this program? No need to worry – another Make and Take program using household items such as popsicle sticks, paper plates, paper bags, etc. will be back in September with some new and different ideas. Call Laura at Scott (306) 523-3512 to register.

Laura Bieber

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