Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Busy Buzzing Bees

During July at Dr. Hanna, children were busy buzzing around the centre!

A beekeeping family that visits the centre offered a dormant beehive for observation and inspiration. 

The children used their senses as they explored the wax, the honeycomb shapes and pretended to be beekeepers with hats and gloves

The children smelled, touched and picked at the block of beeswax. They painted bubble wrap available and stamped paper to resemble the honeycomb shape that bees are associated with. Mixing colours allowed for the  children to match  the colour of the beeswax.

Myriam constructed a beehive for one-one correspondence and to develop fine motor skills. She used toilet paper rolls, place them in a box, melted wax and made bees out of clothespins and fuzzy pipe cleaners.

Clear containers of "honey" (shampoo)!

Sensory play was extended into black buckets filled with black beans for pouring and cornmeal to simulate pollination process. The smell of the lavender scented flowers encouraged the relaxation during play.

As we enter into the fall season, watch for our honey available at the Farmer's Market at the Dr. Hanna location. Come play, explore and support our local market. 

Jada, Laura and Myriam

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