Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Everyone Contributes

We are so glad to have your interest and look forward to your future attendance at our centres. In order to have a safe and respectful environment we have clarified our roles as facilitators along with the expectations of the children and adults who visit.

Role of the Facilitator:
  • To provide age appropriate experiences for your child's development. 
  • To answer questions parents may have about development, support programs and age appropriate behaviours. 
  • Observe the children and change/alter the play space to suit the needs of the families visiting. 
Role of the Child:
  • To play and engage respectfully within the space and with the others who are also using the centre.
  • Speak and act respectfully to their parents and to other children and adults in the room. 
  • Treat the items available for play appropriately.
  • Clean up the items after using them.
Role of the Parent: 
  • To engage in play with their child.
  • To speak to the child about what they are doing.  Therefore, enhancing their speech and vocabulary.
  • Help the child clean up the items after using them and prepare the play space for the next family. 
Thank you for your cooperation. With the help from all who visit we can continue to make the centres great places to be!

Laura and Jada

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