Wednesday, 4 November 2015

House Rules

Every house needs a few house rules to operate well. Please respect and follow our "house" rules for everyone's safety and enjoyment of the program.

  • Make sure you sign in
  • Treat all people and things with respect and care
  • Parents/caregivers are responsible for supervision of their children
  • We need your help to maintain a clean environment
    • No snacks in the centre please (tables available outside of the space)
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Use the changing tables provided in the washroom
  • Please remove all outdoor shoes and boots. Indoor shoes may be brought with you and used in the play and learn space and program room.
  • Cell phones are not permitted during scheduled programs
For health reasons and the safety of others, we ask:

  • If your child has a runny nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting or other communicable diseases, please avoid coming to the centres until fully recovered. 
  • Leave personal toys at home
  • Please do not let your child walk around the centre with their bottle 
  • Please put mouthed/dirty toys in the "toys to be cleaned" box 
  • Please do not bring peanuts or nut products to the centres 

Thank You for Your Support

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