Sunday, 4 October 2015

Magic Milk

This week we had some fun experimenting with science and art.

What you need:
Larger tray/dish
Food colouring
Dish soap

Pour a little bit of milk into your dish (enough to cover the bottom). Next create a design with the food colouring in the milk (we covered all the milk). Lastly dip a q-tip into the dish soap and stick it into the middle of the tray. Watch the magic happen!

Experiment and explore as long as you want. 

After we were done we pressed a piece of paper into the tray to create a “water colour like” painting. 

Children of all ages were amazed with this neat science/art experiment. Guaranteed hours of fun. 

Laura Bieber

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  1. Thanks for the posting, Laura. I will try it at home with s.