Monday, 8 June 2015

Preschool Yoga

During the month of July, I’m excited to offer my Preschool Yoga program through the Early Years Family Centre. The classes will be held at Dr. Hanna Tuesdays at 2:00 and with Alyssa at Miller Thursdays at 10:30. Come with your child to play with the poses and tell stories through movement. We will begin with a dance for the sun (sun salutations), play games, enjoy some of my favourite books and relax together ending with some quiet time.
As an educator, I know the importance of modeling to children appropriate behaviours and, as a mom I have seen the benefits for my own children as they mimic my yoga practice. I encourage parental participation as it allows children to see their parents active and engaged in exploring movement and their bodies. It is also a fun activity to do together, creating a sense of calm, sharing some laughs and practicing relaxation techniques. Parents will leave with a few ideas of how to incorporate poses throughout your day at home to encourage energy or relaxation and creative play.
The Preschool Yoga program offers a fun, non-competitive approach to gaining gross motor awareness and mobility. Some of the benefits for children are that it increases flexibility, develops strength, improved balance, sleep, breathing, raises body-awareness and self-image while reducing stress. Yoga is integrated with adventure stories, games with movement through poses and relaxation techniques which all promote a healthy lifestyle and holistic sense of self.
Click here for more information on the programs offered through the Early Years Family Centre.

Jada Fiissel

Jada has a Bachelor of Education, has completed her Yoga Teacher Training (300-hours) and a specialization in children’s yoga. She continues to deepen her own understanding through a dedicated practice and teaches adult and Kid’s Yoga throughout the city and incorporates yoga and the teachings in her daily family life.

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