Monday, 8 June 2015

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

At the Dr. Hanna location, Myriam noticed a need to help children understand where their food came from beyond the grocery store. Springtime seemed to be a natural time to introduce this concept as gardens begin to grow and farms become more active.

One of the pieces of furniture in the environment became a chicken coop. The top was draped with chicken wire where children were invited to weave raffia (straw). Chickens nested in baskets with copious amounts of eggs that children collected into baskets or hid for a friend or parent to find. Chickens were fed seed, including the wonderful sensory experience and encouraged to pour the seed through a funnel. Many miniature farm animals available invited the children to sort or organize a farm depending of the farmer’s needs.

With warmer weather and longer days, spring brings hope for avid gardeners. A garden centre was available for the children to plant, grow and sell! Complete with a sensory bin filled with soil, flowers, seeds pots and water. Bean plants climbed up the window and grass grew for the children to fell and cut.

The children had fun digging in the soil, playing with the water, hiding eggs, feeding chickens and sorting animals. The deeper meaning of these activities was evident when the children took the eggs from the chickens’ nest to the kitchen play area and began to cook up the eggs. The families who came frequently were able to observe how the plants changed from visit to visit.  A variety of sensory experiences promote growth and development for toddlers and preschool. For ideas on how to support your preschooler, please visit our website!

Jada Fiissel

Jada has a Bachelor of Education, has completed her Yoga Teacher Training (300-hours) and a specialization in children’s yoga. She continues to deepen her own understanding through a dedicated practice and teaches adult and Kid’s Yoga throughout the city and incorporates yoga and the teachings in her daily family life.

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